I Remember - Paul Holmes

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I Remember

Paul Holmes 

I remember
You with the curly hair
And the goofy, prideful air.

I remember
Through that silly air,
I could see that you cared.

I remember
When you said to me
My eyes were like the sea.

I remember
That wonderful night,
Though it must not have been right.

I remember
That I was elated;
I never felt deflated.

I remember
That when I told you,
It was far too out of the blue.

I remember
You tried to show joy,
But we both knew the decoy.

I remember
You didn't want this
Because I wasn't your missus.

I remember
That beautiful smile,
The one I hadn't seen in a while.

I remember
That terrible day
When you suddenly went away.

I remember
Receiving the news
That your skin no longer had hues.

I remember
I spent many days
Stumbling around in a haze.

I remember
Me wondering why.
Why did we have to say goodbye?

I remember
I couldn't let go,
But I don't have to; now I know.

I remember
You here in my heart,
So we don't have to be apart.

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