Dear Mom by Jonah Paulsen

Dear Mom

Jonah Paulsen 

Dear Mom,
Have you forgotten?
Sitting, waiting, hoping
Where did you go, Mom?
Did I do something wrong?
Lost, lonely, sad
Are you really gone, Mom?
I waited...

I'm with my grandparents now, Mom.
I have a room now.
Are you there, Mom?
Can you hear me?

Tired, crushed, defeated
I started school again.

It's my birthday, Mom!
It's okay, I don't need a birthday card.
Broken, lacking, sorrowful
Broke an arm, Mom.

Got a school solo.
Are you happy?
Undefined, sinking, heartbroken
Went to prom, Mom.

I had my first kiss!
Do you miss us, Mom?
Warped, torn, tangled
You're really gone now.
I'm moving on now, Mom.
I miss you.