Have You Ever Really Cared? - Cassey Harrington

Have You Ever Really Cared? 

Cassey Harrington

What you do makes me cry,
But I honestly can't deny
That is my heart I truly love you
You'll always be my only dad.

You haven't quite been the father I've needed
And you haven't always told me what I want to hear
You've never made it to anything I've done
Except the horse shows that you began.

I just want to see you every day,
I just want to hear your voice every morning.
I don't think you understand,
That what you've done has torn me apart.

So, for now, I'll just sit here and wait,
For the day that you grow up
And realize that you've hurt
Not only me but everyone around me.

You've tried to buy my love
For so very long I let you.
But now that I'm older
I understand more and I can't accept that.

I cannot turn to you for what I need,
I don't know if you'd ever give it to me.
I just want to know,
Have you ever really cared?